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ABA – The abbreviation for Applied Behavior Analysis. See Applied Behavior Analysis. Adaptive Behavior – The ability to adjust to new situations and to apply familiar or new skills to those situations. For example, a two-year-old is displaying his ability to adapt when he says, “Mine!” to the child who is attempting to take his […]

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Direct Funding Option

UTUT welcomes families with Direct Funding Option (DFO) from the Ministry of Child and Youth Services!!!!   Ministry’s funding agencies: Central East Region- Kinark Child and Family Services 1-800-230-8533 (905) 474-9595 Central West Region- Erinoak 1-877-374-6625 (905) 855-3557 Eastern Region- Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario 1-877-542-2294 (613) 745-7563 Hamilton/Niagara Region- Hamilton Health Sciences (905) 521-2100, ext. 77315 North East Region- Algonquin […]

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